Decision-support tool

Decision-support software tools

  • Casdar santé

    Casdar santé is a software package for calculating the economic impact of mastitis and lameness on a dairy cattle farm, i.e. the loss of income resulting from the effect of the diseases on the zootechnical performance of the affected animals and the health costs inherent to these diseases.

  • Dairy Health Manager

    The objective of the DHM simulator is to compare strategies for controlling the health of the dairy cattle herd. By modifying livestock management actions, such as the herd mating policy, the use of treatments,... the biological functions of the animals and their interactions are modified, and ultimately, the productivity of the herd is impacted. DHM provides results in terms of health (number of animals treated and deaths), milk and reproductive performance, and economic margin.

  • Mariage

    Mariage is a software to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio of the investment of a heat deterrent for a dairy cattle farm.

  • Mihmes tools

    The Mihmestools suite of decision support tools is a powerful support for the control of pathogens from the farm to the regional scale. This tool has been developed within the Dynamo team, in charge of modeling the pathogen propagation in animal populations.

  • Reproscope

    Reproscope is the observatory that allows you to discover the reproductive performance of French dairy and beef cattle herds.